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The Match Secretary is generally responsible for scheduling the league, although the League Administrator also has the power. For a large league, scheduling responsibilities may be delegated by assigning Division Secretaries. First the League Administrator needs to add people into this role (See Add League Officers). Then the Match Secretary or the League Administrator can assign the Division Secretaries to specific divisions. To do this, click on Divisions from your User Home page. then edit the division and select the division secretary you want for this division. Results Secretaries can be added in the same manner.

A recreational league has all of its teams in-house. It may be made up of a collection of organizations, such as clubs or schools. However, the primary characteristic is that a rec league controls the use of all the fields.

If the field use is controlled by the individual organizations within the league, then these organizations should be classified as "leagues" when added as affiliated organizations (See Add Affiliated Organizations), and you should follow the directions for scheduling a traveling league (See Schedule a Traveling League).

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