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Create Divisions

Go to Divisions from your User Home Page. Be sure the correct season and competition are selected, and scroll down to the Add a Division form. Enter the Division name (e.g., Boys U-14), and select the Characteristics. If the competition that the division is in has been set to have standings (a League Administrator task) then you can choose whether to keep the standings public (See Add a Competition).

See Use Traveling League Scheduler for more information on this option.
See Disable Automatic Double Forfeits for more information on this option.

If referees are to be assigned for games in this division, select referees to be assigned by the Hosting League. Otherwise, select "No Referee Assigned"s.

If your league uses Division Match Secretaries or Results Secretaries, they can be assigned on this form. Note that the League Administrator first needs to add people to these roles before they can be assigned to specific divisions. If you are not sure who is to be assigned yet, you can always edit the division later to make the assignments.

Instructions to Teams will be displayed below the division schedule. This is a very useful place for information about the format and rules for the age group, reporting game results, where to mail in game cards, rain out procedures, league tournaments, etc.

After entering all information click on .

To edit an existing division click on next to that division in the divisions list.

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