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Add and Edit Fields

Each league must add its fields into the system. This is something that is typically done only once -- after that the fields are in your database. To add a field, click on Fields from the User Home Page. You'll see a list of your fields, and at the bottom of the page is a form to add a new field.

A few notes on adding new fields:

1. Be sure the short name is no more than 25 characters -- this is the name that is usually shown, and it should be readable but short.

2. Do NOT leave out the short name. If you do, the field name will be blank on drop down lists.

3. If the field belongs to a different league, first add the other league as an "affiliated organization" (See Add Affiliated Organizations ), and then add the field, setting the "Assigned To" field to that league.

You can assign field referee coordinators to a field. Assignments can only be made for games on that field.

It is strongly recommended that you enter directions for fields. The Team Schedule page displays directions to any field on that schedule. When you enter directions, use "<br>" to indicate a new line. You can put in other HTML formatting tags, if you know some HTML, or you can get your webmaster to help you if you want. For more information on HTML go to A Quick Primer on HTML Tags. You can also embed interactive maps into your directions. See Embedding Maps into Directions.

Comments will appear in italics after the directions. Practice Venue Comments and Permit Dates appear on the Team Schedule page.

If you have a large field complex, you need to enter each field separately. This is necessary so that when the schedule is made the scheduling engine can properly detect field conflicts, and so that teams and referees know which field to go to.

If a field is not available for scheduling, click Fields and choose the field. Click at the bottom of the form. This will remove it from the visible fields list. You can reinstate the field later by editing the field again, clicking also show unavailable fields, and clicking .

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